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Some thoughts I have recently had that I feel like sharing:

Nationality is nothing more than a thought form. Your nation has invested heavily in how you think and how you perceive reality. Your nation is not the land and its borders, it is the borders of your thoughts and the perception that you have of yourself and the land that is your supposed nation.

Countries do not exist apart from in the minds of people. It is a created identity that lays as a veil over your eyes and your thought process; your immediate local community is real, but the nation is an imposed institution, that holds you in place and divides you from nature and the rest of humanity. The national ego is created, mainly through the means of public education and media, but naturally also through the family who is a part of the same creation.

I feel it necessary to address the question of language here too. Language as we know it and as we now use it, has been standardized and in certain aspects still is being standardized. This follows the old line of “the winner writes the history”. The “winner” is also the writer of language. This is then “implemented” upon the citizens of a “nation” or language, through all written correspondence, schooling, and speech. Language as we know it is full of rules, and most nations/languages have some sort of “language academy”, who dictates how language should be used and what words and grammar usage is deemed as acceptable.

The notion of language is highly interesting as your thought process in many aspects controls you, the individual, as since we learn the spoken language much of our conscious thought process is carried out in words and grammatical structures. So the standardization of language is in many ways a standardization of our thought process; which if you consider the above, is key to the shaping of the identity. Language therefore transmits more than words, but whole cultures, ideas and though processes.

This is most likely why the young child is truly creative, as it has yet to put words to its reality, and with the words rules. As the slightly older child improves its use of grammar, she also loses some of her creativity, as the truly creative process is one free from rules.

.... there is a bit more to it, and it is still in the workings, but I thought I'd through it out there to see if I can get any feed back and interesting thoughts on the matter.

Much Love!


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Comment by Nanny Naturale on September 19, 2013 at 4:48

Thought you might be interested in this. A couple of slang phrases in Spanish include these:

English: Only foolish. 

Spanish: hacer el tonto or hacer el indio.

English literal: to act like tonto or to act like the indian.  

hmmm...interesting, no?

Comment by Mattias Andersson on September 3, 2013 at 0:04

Elizar, as thought moves into words, you start to see "things" predetermined things even, and that then becomes your "reality" the light that comes from above that can be turned on and off becomes a lamp etc...and then you start to lose the true creative, and as grammar enters into the language, it becomes even more "precise" and in so doing your reality becomes more precise. Just ask yourself, do you think in smells, sounds, colors, images, sensations or words? naturally you think in all of the above, but I argue that the word has taken over and is what you are now thinking in... let me know if you want me to elaborate or clarify further.

Comment by Nanny Naturale on July 11, 2013 at 0:16

I like your thinking Mattias!  I think this can be seen a little by how different cultures have no understanding of certain concepts, partly because the terms don't exist in their language, but also because there was no need for those terms in their culture.  Also how sometimes words from other languages are adopted into another language, when a new way of life or a new idea becomes relevant in the culture, but they gained the new idea through a sort of assimilation, so the the new idea is represented by a term from another language, the one they got the idea from.

I'm sure we can see this in relation to children too.  After children begin talking, they have their own language to a certain extent and they have adult language, which they become very good at mimicking.  ;)

Comment by Mattias Andersson on June 8, 2013 at 16:33

and naturally I thought I'd throw it out there. not through...

: )

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