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today i wanted to do my daughter a favour to eat together with our friends, they were going to a fish restaurant, i asked for salad (but it was awfully salty and cooked) anyway, my daughter is sick at the moment, caughing disease or how do you call that, so i think its important she eats healthy and mostly raw. especially the fish was all fried which i think is especially not good to eat when you want to heal your body. anyway. i dont find myself often in a situation like this but i should prepare myself more or something to be able to react in a good way. discussion about food/meat etc started. but what i am most concerned about is something i have had difficulties with since ever; is how i do this with my daughter. i don't want to forbid her anything but in the same time want her to be/eat healthy, especially when she's sick. it's my work to take care of her, and for this to me that means feed her healthy food. man... i dont know, how and maybe i'm doing it wrong and all, situations like these are really difficult for me, she wants to eat those things, but than asks me for permission, then people started to talk to me that i am indoctrinating her, that i'm extreme..; anyway ,all this is part of our world i'm just wondering how you deal with this. i try to let go and let her choose her own way, but when she is sick, idk, i just want her to heal quickly;;

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Comment by Nanny Naturale on August 6, 2013 at 0:24

Ahh, I see eva...I think it is easier with younger kids actually.  At this age, she is more than likely more concerned with other people than what mom tells her, that's natural.  How would you think setting up something for kids her age to interact with each other about diet/health might help?  Does she speak English or could you translate things for her if we could set something like that up? 

I think she does need to make the decision herself and I'm sure you're doing your best to provide the best for her when it's within your control...maybe she just needs a new approach to help her understand the implications and help her to be empowered in making healthy choices.  

Comment by eva on August 5, 2013 at 21:10

hi, thanks for your reply,

my daughter is ten. 

i tell and teach her everything i know, but it stays a difficult topic which i know i'm not handeling in the right way or something. i feel it gets like worse even maybe. 

i dont want to forbid her things, and then she chooses to eat, even though she knows its a dead animal or bad for her .

i guess its my learn to let it go and all but pff, when shes sick like now i feel i need to protect her..

still, man, i dont know. 

the world is soo crazy,,


Comment by Nanny Naturale on August 5, 2013 at 3:06

Hi Eva,

Thanks for sharing.  I don't know how old your daughter is, but around the time my oldest was 2 I was able to get her to understand that some foods made her sick, hurt people, hurt animals, hurt the earth and that even though some people eat those things, we don't.  

You may want to emphasize what you DO eat more often and before you go out somewhere or eat with others who eat foods like that to warn her that foods that hurt her, others and the planet might be there and you want her to make healthy choices so she doesn't get sick.  Remind her that when she eats like that it makes her feel ill, if she does make the choice to eat those things, let her know that when she gets sick the reason is because her body doesn't like having those things in it and is trying to get it out...that's what I've done with my a certain extent they are going to be curious about what others are doing and why, and you can't shelter them from that, but for me, when my daughters have that extra knowledge and make the connections they became quite dedicated to understanding what is healthy, making those choices and making sure everyone else knew what they eat and what they don't.  

You may also want to try to bring snacks with you or condiments in a bag when you go to restaurants like this, although I understand it's a task to prepare ahead of time...also bringing a smoothie in a water bottle is a good idea if you need to be discreet...and also sometimes it helps to eat before you go to a food gathering so when you're there you're not so hungry you eat something you'd prefer not to eat.


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