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What activities work best for your family when it comes to getting physical together?

For us, going swimming everyday for the past week has been great.  When I go I swim mostly for them and with them.  They are both learning how to swim (3 and 5).  I swim very little myself but the goal is for them to be really good swimmers and really comfortable in the water as soon as possible.  By being really focused on their comfort and having fun, they seem to have become very brave and smart in the water.  Last summer I was more goal-oriented, in wanting them to try specific feats to prove they were getting better at swimming, now I just let them try things at their own pace, and they are definitely doing much better with this new child-led focus.  

I found a great website that I use as a reminder and very loose guideline here.

One thing I want to add is that whenever there is something I want the kids to eat that they are reluctant to eat...taking it with us when we do physical activities gets them out of that reluctant mindset.  

What kinds of activities do you and your kids like to do together?

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We get outside and do quite a bit of hiking.  Andrew is also learning to swim and Rainbow is getting more comfortable being in water.

On rainy days we jump on the rebounder.  Rainbow really likes the care bears exercise video and this morning we started the Tibetan Rites.

They also enjoy sprinting and they love to climb whenever possible!

The Tibetan Rites for kids book or DVD?  I've seen the book and have been thinking about it.  My Sol is very daredevil-like and since I'm not a great swimmer I haven't exactly encouraged that but as I get settled here I want to get her into swim lessons and swim team.  On the other side of her family (and even my side) that is how things have gone at her age, so I think I'm just not quite that type.  I'd LOVE to get them hiking more, I think that's a great activity.  We did a lot of city walking and walking trails in the country, but I think you're talking hills and mountains and when Adi(6 now) was about 1.5 we spent a bit of time in the mountains and I was surprised at how adept at hiking she was.  It's definitely a plan of mine to get them hiking when we visit CA again and go to Asheville, NC again in the spring.  I'd love to hear more on how they react to hiking and the Tibetan Rites.

I was doing the Tibetan Rites and encouraging them to do them with me.  It's not resonating that well with them because they are so used to spending a lot of time outdoors.

Here's a video of Rainbow hiking for the first time in her new hiking boots:

Rainbow will hike for a while but we always have the ergo with us for when she decides she's done with hiking.

Andrew hikes continuously and rarely tires.

The weather in Medford has been cold, gloomy and rainy lately.  We're waiting for the weather to improve again so we can get out hiking again.  We want to go to the Tablerocks.  We already did some hiking at the Swinging Bridge near Selma.

Right now we're still trying to figure out where to go in Mexico.  We will leave Oregon sometime in November and stay for six months.  We have it narrowed down to either Yucatan, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit or Baja California.

Fortunately there is a nice Mexican population in Southern Oregon so I will ask around to see what parts of the country they recommend!  :)

We often do stuff like this and even got some monkey bars at home now!

I love that Stephane...we do that as well.  Monkey bars at home...what a great idea!

As for Mexico, Baja is nice and there's lots of Americans there if that matters to you.  It's also really close to San Diego, is pretty inexpensive and would be an easy place for me to visit. ;) 

A great rainy day activity?  Hula hooping.  This is such a fun activity and once you get good at it, there are videos and classes that teach some really cool advance skills.

In Asheville, NC they have a day in the town square where a hula hooping studio comes out with tons of hoops for everyone in all sizes, their performers and students and there's just a massive hoop jamming session.  It's great for kids as young as 18 months.  They have tiny hoops!

Getting a good sturdy hoop is good too.  You won't usually find sturdy ones at most stores, they are easier to come by if you buy from a hoop studio or someone who makes hoops.  Toy store and department store hoops are usually quite flimsy.



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