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Where Do You Live(Or Have you Lived) And How Does It Benefit or Challenge Your Lifestyle Choices?

I'm very curious about which places and environments are suitable for easier fruit-loving, natural living lifestyles.

I've lived in California, Arizona and the Southern U.S. and I'm still trying to figure out what works best for me.

I really like Florida and I think it will go really well, but I also really loved Sacramento, CA and in some respects I really like San Diego/Southern California as well, but neither CA locations suited as many of my needs as I'd like to have suited. 

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I've been in Hawaii for over two years but the food is quite expensive.  The east side of the island gets way too much rain but many of the tropical fruit trees LOVE the rain.

"but the food is quite expensive"

Thats why you gotta grow your own, make friends, and learn to forage.

"The east side of the island gets way too much rain"

Eh, maybe I've not been here long enough to properly judge, but it doesn't seem too bad, and it mostly rains in the evening when I'm sleeping.

Even GROWING your own is expensive and time consuming (trust me, I tried). You're dealing with so many pests and it's such a challenge.

I'm not a big fan of foraging because of all the mosquitoes (they will bite you THROUGH your clothes).

I've made friends with many farmers who gave us great deals but it still cost a lot more than I spent when I lived in Costa Rica and Panama. 

Plus the soil in Hawaii isn't as good so the fruit doesn't taste as good as it did in Central America.

Why pay MORE for less quality fruit?

I lived almost two years in East Hawaii.  Right now it's the less rainy season but in the winter it rains so much it almost makes you suicidal from the lack of sun.

I lived in Kona for a year after my wet Eastside experience and I preferred the climate there.

My next stop is Mexico.  I predict will be the best of Hawaii combined with the best of Central America.

Yes, I've known a lot of people with properties in Hawaii (lots of Californians spend time there) and I have just always felt like it's not the place for me.

I don't like San Diego much because of the weather.  It's mild which is great when it sunny during the summer time...but much of the time there's overcast and the beaches are cold and I just don't like that much.  It's nice because tons of things grow there that you can "forage" from people's properties if you ask or know them and there's decently priced produce from specific places like Henry's farmer's market(which is not really a farmer's market).

I went to a couple farmer's markets and thought they were pointless.  

Desert, CA in close proximity to the date farms, I don't have a ton of information about some of the real cities in that area, I lived in one of the smallest towns there.  It obviously gets incredibly hot during the summer and I lived in a food desert.  My saving grace was a Mexican market where they would get good produce and charge the same price for organics and conventional, but I often bought them out of everything so I couldn't go too many days in a week and expect to have anything to buy.  Also around the end of the time I was there, I found an amazing small, organic farm that had the best and cheapest grapefruit, oranges and peaches I'd ever had.  

Sacramento, CA is pretty cool.  There's also tons of things growing in that area.  There is often a long rainy season from late fall to early or late spring.  I got tons of cheap produce there from farmer's markets, produce stands at flea markets and from local properties...people who just had a lot of fruit on their property.  There are fruit trees growing everywhere and plenty of everything being grown...from kiwis, persimmons, oranges, melons, peaches and more.

I'll get over to the east coast next time I get on here. 

Oh yeah...gardening/growing was really easy and effective in Sacramento for just a home garden.

I should also talk about Arizona next time.

Another thing that I found challenging about living in Hawaii is finding certain things you need.  For instance I used Gdiapers with Rainbow.  I couldn't buy the compostable inserts in any store on the island so I had to order them online. 

I initially ordered them from amazon but after a while they refused to ship them to Hawaii.

I struggled to find an online retailer who would deliver them to the island without charging an arm and a leg to ship them (free shipping from amazon DEFINITELY comes in handy but, when they won't ship certain things to Hawaii, it gets FRUSTRATING!)

Finally I was able to order them from and I was able to keep a steady supply of gdiapers for her.  Then the UNTHINKABLE happened! was OUT OF STOCK!

After much internet searching I managed to find another company that would ship to Hawaii with free shipping.

All was well until THEY were OUT OF STOCK!

I was running out of diapers so I decided that I was going to get her potty trained, dang it!  I was DETERMINED ...

She was not interested in the potty--she would go in there about 1% of the time (and 99% of the time on the floor).

I gave up when she peed right on the bed when I just changed the sheets and we were getting ready for bed.  I was too tired to do laundry again (I did it anyway).

After this I realized that I needed to take a break from potty training for a while.  I continued using the evil disposable diapers.

Now that I'm back on the mainland I can go back to the gdiapers.  Also I can get locally grown tomatoes that actually taste AMAZING unlike the shite ones that grow in Hawaii that cost a small fortune!

Once we get settled then I will revisit potty training.

I'm so sick of changing diapers ...

I did elimination communication with Andrew starting when he was 5 1/2 months old.  By the time he was 6 months old we were making it to the potty 90%+ of the time.

He was wearing baby underwear when he was 7 months old.  By the time he was 9 months old he was staying mostly dry at night.


I was expecting to do EC with Rainbow from birth but I was having trouble reading her signals.  Whenever I would hold her over the potty she would CRY.

I got her to go in the potty or in the toilet a few times when she was a baby but it didn't work out like I thought it would.

Now I realize that as a parent things may or may not work out as I expect.  There is so much flexibility that is needed and expectations need to be more relaxed.

Still I'm tired of changing Rainbow's diapers ...

What was my point (LOL)???

Oh some of the challenges of living in Hawaii that no one thinks of until there for a while!

Another way I can put it: when shit gets REAL after the honeymoon is over! ;)



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