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Does anyone have any experience of Candida in children (or themselves)?  I have just had my nearly 5yo daughter to a Naturopath for longstanding issues with urinary continence/bladder weakness.  Long story, but it seems the predominant underlying problem is emotional stress and some ligament weakness, but a Candida infection of the bladder is apparently also present.

I was happy to hear the Naturopath say to continue feeding fruit!  Using kineisiology testing a high sensitivity to yeast and casein was determined, but grapes were the only fruit that came up as a problem.

We are not 100% raw vegan, the kids do eat some fish and occasionally some dairy (although will be dairy free from now on), and I have been reading about fats in the bloodstream interfering with glucose uptake feeding Candida on 30BAD.

Do I need to be more careful with our fat intake?  Any other advice from anyone who has experience with this?

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Hi Renee, how is this going?  I have not had any testing done, but I remember seeing similar things happening with my oldest when she was 2.  She started spending some time with another family member who was feeding her unmentionables. ;)

Although she'd be potty-trained already she started having issues with using the bathroom and her mood would change dramatically.  After seeing her eat some wheat in my presence a few times it became pretty clear this was likely a part of the problem.  

What I did was save fat for the last meal of the day.  A few years later I started experimenting with offering fat as the second meal of the day with a long wait before anything else sweet, so if they were hungry after their lunch meal(with fat) they'd just eat chopped celery, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers or lettuce/spinach.  Nothing that was actually sweet.  

We have had significant improvement! Her toileting has improved out of sight, from having wet pants numerous times a day we now have maybe only 1 accident every few days, and she seems to be more aware of needing to go herself rather than having to be reminded.  Not sure exactly what has helped, dietary wise we eat pretty clean, I have taken her completely off yeast and eliminated dairy again (she was already mostly dairy-free but I have become more strict on this).  The bach flower remedies and/or probiotics may have helped.  

I am glad to hear someone else has experienced the mood changes around toileting.  With our daughter she gets quite crazy, either hyperactive, or hyper-reactive, or plain mean and rough with her brother. 

Thanks for the tips about timing the fat intake.  I will try the lunch time fats followed with non-sweet foods I think as she seems to want less fruit than the rest of us and is always keen to munch on carrots and cucumbers.  What do you do for dinners? Why did you change from saving fat until dinner to feeding it at lunchtime?

Good to hear Renee.  I switched fat intake to middle of the day because it seemed that's what they wanted, I wanted to let them have their way and see if it worked.  I think it may depend on the sensitivity of the child.  As far as I remember it was my oldest who'd ask for higher fat meals during the middle of the day.

These days I switch it up a bit.  I've been very busy lately, I have to admit I haven't been super aware of everything.  I should get into journaling and planning meals more, but I haven't done that in a while.

Dinner can range from a green salad, with a fruit salad and rice or potatoes.  Or it could be cooked veggies with rice or potatoes.  Sometimes dinner is a ton of bananas, smoothies or a large bowl of oranges.  Lately it's been dates and oranges or datorade.  There is no order here anymore.  

I think higher fat meals in the middle of the day would suit my eldest more too; she is definitely the one who wants less fruit, more fat. I will try switching it around I think and see how that works for her. I've noticed she seems to want the fat/vege meals for breakfast but is happy to have fruits/smoothies later in the day, which doesn't suit me that well, but maybe I should go with that for her for a bit.

Yes, I understand what you're saying.  I don't really eat the way my kids eat a lot of the time anymore.  Our dinners at least are typically very different, as well as lunches.  Breakfast is usually the only meal we have in common, if that.  Being flexible has helped a lot, but I try not to spend too much time and effort going out of my way to make too many different meals in a day.  Simple meals are really useful for that reason. 


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