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This is inspiring me to write Rainbow's birth story someday which is the EXACT opposite of Aeri's!

Beautiful. It is a grand event, and always teaches something, however well you have prepared beforehand.

Thanks for sharing this. I'm always happy to hear a beautiful birth story.

Aeri got the birth she wanted (at home assisted by midwives).  I plan on sharing Rainbow's birth story to show that a positive birth experience can happen in a hospital as well.  Andrew's birth was also positive (looking back on it I realize that it was great too!)

I could share one gone (emotionally) wrong, but I think it'll have to wait until my daughter is old enough to decide whether she wants it shared or not. Obviously her mother needs to agree as well. I could also share a beautiful, unassisted home birth, but that'll need to wait, too.

Looking forward to the stories, Jack.

Aloha Karmyn!  Thanks so much for sharing this, the experience of Elan's birth was transformative on every level, super challenging and super amazing.  I would very much LOVE to read about Rainbow's birth story and hear more about her entry into the world and your uplifting experience birthing her in a hospital type setting, it would be refreshing and inspiring to read I'm sure.  I love the experience of birth, it's fantastic.

Aloha Aeri!  It's so great to have you on here!  :)

Thank you so much for sharing your birth story.  I found the beauty and honesty of it refreshing.

I will get Rainbow's birth story up (as well as Andrew's) one of these days!  :)

See you soon!

Love, Karmyn

That was a great, intense birth story...thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you for sharing Aeri - beautiful story and wonderful you had so many amazing and supportive people around you.


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